Best Budget Headset PC Gaming Review

The best budget headset for PC  and gaming review to help you choose  a good and affordable headphone that will suite your need and budget.
A lot of people are looking out for the best headset but actually don’t want to part with a lot of dollars to get themselves one. Then I will say you are in the right place as I will guide through the best budget headset that is good that will enhance your gaming experience.

You will be considering a headset with a good sound quality, and which offers the ideal comfort you need. If you are looking for a headset that offers noise reduction at night while playing your game  or the ability to see still chat with your friends while still playing your game.

We will be reviewing gaming headset under $80, and it all have great customer feedback who are also gamers. We should know that a sound great for an individual may differ from another individual perception but I will advise exploring diverse settings.

Creative Fatality Gaming Headset

Johnathan Wendel is widely known as Fatal1ty is widely known to be the best and world renowned first gaming professional. In his career record, he has won over $450,000 prize awards across diverse multiple competitive games.

He later partnered with Creative Labs, which he designed this wonderful gaming headset carefully designed by a pro in games to suite all other gamers. It has a well-padded ear cup, it has a detachable noise cancelling microphone and the headband is well padded for long gaming with giving the gamer discomfort. It can connect only with standard headphones and audio jacks only.

SADES Wolfang Gaming Headset

SADES is a company based in America known for producing quality and affordable gaming headset. Although they  are new in the market and they have really done well and produced 10 different types of models into the market and all their products are all less than $100.

It has a simple design and unique, well some people may believe it is too simple for them. The quality of the sound and also the comfort it is rated above average, well I will say don’t expect too much in terms of its reliability but considering the price of less than $15 then it is worth buying. It also connects using the standard headphone jacks and Audio jacks only.

Hyper X cloud Gaming Headset

If you are one of those gamers looking for a headset that is lightweight and at the same time comfortable then I ‘ll suggest you going for the Hyper X cloud gaming headset. The ear cup of the headset is padded with a memory phone and a soft padded headband which makes it very comfortable.

It has a plush packaging that includes the cables, and accessories and comes with a spare ear cup pads and the logo is embroidered to the headband. The cable is well braided and it has a nice look and of quality that users won’t have to worry about the wear and tear of the cable.

It has a detachable microphone, it has a good output quality and good for streaming and also gaming. The noise cancellation might not block out all background sound and well enough to avoid distraction. It is worth the price, I can bet.

Earforce X12

The Earforce X12 is a high quality and with a flexible microphone and it has the capability of capturing your voice even at the faintest of a whisper. But one of the major setbacks is that it is so sensitive that it can even pick up the background noise.

It has a microphone monitor that enables you to listen back to what you are saying. Earforce X12 has an excellent sound and also a large speaker. It makes gaming so real that you can pick up sounds such as the footsteps approaching from behind that you will not have heard.

The Earforce X12 has a good sound quality and also a comfortable headset. It has a large ear cup that is well padded allowing total comfort to the gamer and the headset is also well cushioned for long gaming sessions. The external noise will significantly reduce when you have your headset on but it is not 100% guaranteed for noise cancellation.

Overall it is a good solid quality headset and with great sound and a competitive price tag.

Logitech G430 7.1

Logitech G430 headset is no doubt the one of the best headset that can boast of Dolby digital 7.1 Sound. It is also lightweight and comes with a sporty earcup which allows cooling so that the head does not get hot.

It has a soft cushioned ear cup and headband and this is not so commonly seen with a most gaming headset, although it might be comfortable for a short time and might become uncomfortable after a long gaming time, most especially for those using glasses. Its microphone can be folded and it can rotate up and also pushed in when not needed.

It also has a noise cancellation features, which helps keep the unnecessary noise to the barest minimum. But on some occasions, it might cut out some of your speech if less than a certain level. The audio output and input are quite good and it has a very durable braided cable that measures over 2 meters in length.

All round it is rated as a good headset that most gamers will like and budget friendly. It works perfectly well for both PC games and PS4.

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