Download GTA 5 for PC – Free Demo

Download GTA 5 for PC – Free Demo

Grand Theft Auto V  – GTA 5 PC download and GTA 5 demo for PC is now available for download here, we have direct download links with GTA 5 PC requirements. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is an action packed game with lots of adventure, you are at liberty to create your own reality. Currently you can play it on the following consoles; Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS3 and PS4.

Grand Theft Auto V is a video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 17 September 2013.

Gta 5 PC Download

Grand Theft Auto V is available and fully working in online mode and offline mode, it is played in third-person and combines the best of driving and action game in an open world environment, allowing the player to interact with the game world at their leisure. The game is set within the fictional state of San Andreas, which is based on Southern California, affording the player free roam over the world’s countryside and the fictional city of Los Santos, which is based on Los Angeles.

The single-player story is told through three player-controlled protagonists whom the player switches between—Michael, Trevor and Franklin—and the story follows their efforts to plan and execute six large heist to accrue wealth for themselves. An online multiplayer mode is included, allowing up to sixteen players to engage in both co-operative and competitive gameplay in a recreation of the single-player setting.

GTA 5 Minimum system requirements:

  • System Requirement:
  • * OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
    * CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz or similar
    * RAM: 2 GB
    * HDD: 20 GB free disk space
    * Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Memory
    * Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
    * DirectX: Version 9

How to Download and Install GTA 5 for PC

  • 1. Click the Download button below
    2. Save the “GTA 5 Installer” to your desktop
    3. Unzip the downloaded file using WinRAR
    4. Double-click “GTA 5 Installer”
    5. Click “Install” then select folder to install the game
    6. Wait until install process is complete, then “GTA 5” icon will appear on desktop
    7. Double click on “GTA 5” icon to play
    8. Enjoy your “GTA 5 for PC”

GTA 5 Demo for PC – Download

GTA 5 Demo 01. 8 Bits 5.5Mb – Download

GTA 5 Demo 02. 24bits 9.3Mb – Download

GTA 5 Demo 03. 3DFX 9.3Mb – Download

GTA 5 Demo 04. 3DFX Special – Download

How to Install GTA 5 on Xbox/PS3?

    • 1. Insert DVD/Blu-ray disc into your computer
      2. Do the same steps 1-3 as Instructions for PC
      3. On the step of select folder to install, select your DVD/Blu-ray disk drive
      4. Once it’s completed the disc will automatically ejects
      5. Put the disc into your PS3/Xbox
      6. Enjoy

 GTA 5 Download Playstation

Requirements for Playstation

  1. A working Playstation
  2. Controllers
  3. Power Cable
  4. Gaming Chair (Optional)

 GTA 5 Download XBox

Requirements for XBox

  1. A working XBox
  2. Controllers
  3. Power Cable
  4. Gaming Chair (optional)

GTA 5 will release on PS4 and Xbox One on November 18, Rockstar has confirmed.

The PC version will be released January 27, 2015.

Download GTA 5

Enjoy the GTA 5 PC download and GTA 5 demo for PC Free.

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