How to Fix overheating Issues on Samsung Galaxy S5 – Battery and Processor

Fixing Overheating Issues and Problems with Samsung Galaxy S5

The greatest challenge smart phones have is overheating and easy to drain battery, in the quest to make a slimmer, thin and light phones. Phone manufacturers are trading away some vital things, like a good battery that would not overhead or drain quickly. The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes loaded with so many features that weight on its operations, the latest additions include – Fingerprint to secure the phone, heart rate sensors, payment features via Paypal, well encased water resistant mobile with anti-dust.

Causes of overheating with Samsung Galaxy S5

When you run you applications and fun features the rate at which the processor works is more when you run multiple applications at the same time. This might seem unavoidable but we need to be self disciplined to close apps that are not in use. If you live in a hot region then it is advised you keep you device away from direct sunlight, stuffy bags and cases or inside a vehicle packed in the sun. All these affects the mobile device and also other key features such as the battery.

Preventing and fixing the overheating problems/issues with Samsung Galaxy S5

Prevention is better than cure, to safe guard your Samsung Galaxy S5 from possible damage, kindly take into consideration the basics provided with the device to ensure smooth operations. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 might freeze if it is overheating and might lead to explosion. To avoid that issue follow the basics below.
Please refer to important steps to improve, overcome and solve Samsung galaxy S5 overheat problems:

Reduce the brightness of the screen in Galaxy S5

Dim the screen brightness, this actually drains more power than you think. The processor works more when the screen is bright and these often leads to overheating.

Switch off features you are not currently using.

You WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth and some other features you are not using currently should be switched off. If you check the system usage report on your device you will find out that those features use up more resources on your device this can put a great deal of pressure on the mobile phone causing serious overheating issues.

Switch on the battery saver mode feature

The Galaxy S5 comes with a battery saver mode feature by default, this should be used as often as possible. .

Do not keep your device in hot environment or excessive heat.

Ensure your Galaxy S5 is not directly exposed to sunlight or excessive heat, avoid making calls while charging your device. Do not charge in hot room temperature, do not sit on it while placed in your back pocket. In short avoid heating it up.

Use the original battery congenital Samsung s5

When you use a fake battery, this will certainly lead to an imbalance in your smartphone, and perhaps this could lead to smartphones explode because of the skewer.

Long calls exceeding the call time limit.

All mobile phones have call limits, you are advised to adhere to it, long calls can actually cause overheating. Because the processor would have overworked causing it to emit heat on the mobile device.

I hope you will find this useful, this above is how you can fix overheating issues with Samsung Galaxy S5.

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