Free Movies Streaming Sites You Can Watch Legally in 2018

Free Movies Streaming Sites You Can Watch Legally in 2018

Get a list of Free Movies Streaming Sites you can watch legally. Streaming movie online is the most convenient way to watch your favorite movie or tv series.  The number of sites where you can watch free online movie streams is increasing daily. They also have a very short lifespan, only a few streaming sites have remained consistent over the years. It is very common for streaming sites to regenerate in a new name. Movies streaming sites come and go, cost of servers and maintenance is the primary cause of the instability. There are dozens of legit free movie streaming sites that are currently working.

These are websites that allow you to stream movies online without registration or sign in, some also does not allow you to download the movie. There are a couple of premium options to download free movies online. However, there are also free ways of watching a free movie on streaming sites.

These sites should not be confused with YouTube videos or trailers, they are premium movies, from the current year and the past years. There are legal platforms that are free movies streaming sites for first-time users for a certain period of time, while some limit the number of free movies before you start paying. There are also sites where you can watch movies that fall into the Public Domain. One more thing to remember, you may not always find the movies available for streaming online. You can rent the movie or watch it if it is showing at the cinema.

The advantage of streaming movies is the comfort of watching the movie at home, on your mobile or any device that can allow you to go on the internet. The major disadvantage of movie streaming sites is that it consumes data, and if your connection is slow it may buffer. Though, most of the free online streaming sites do not show ads or commercials.

Free Sites to Watch and Stream Movies Online Legally

The movie industry spends a lot of money creating movies that entertain us, the proceeds help millions of other industries and even keep many afloat. They provide jobs for millions of people and talents are adequately rewarded for their efforts. So why free sites to watch and stream movies, with the popularity of digital technology movies are easily available. Cost of distribution is lowered and spread is faster, while the price is also lower.

The digital technology has bred a new set of companies that provide entertainment digitally, movies, music, games, and software. These companies fiercely promote their products and want to outwit each other, some of their strategies include offering free trial period to make you have a feel of their service before you purchase.

Note: There are sites out there that offer movie streaming service, they connect to servers offering illegal movie downloads. This is considered illegal in many countries. The risk is too much for both the sharer and the one who watches on movies on them.


Crackle Free movie streaming

Do you want to watch and stream full-length movies, then crackle is one the streaming sites of choice. It is a legit video streaming site founded in 2004 as Grouper it latter had a name change in 2007 to Crackle. It is the official video streaming distributor of original movies, tv series, and web shows. Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The beauty of it all is that it has a wide array of genres and world-class pictures available for free. This site allows you to stream full-length movies of high quality for free. To start streaming live for free, create a free account on Crackle, then proceed to create your movie list to stream. Also, you can also download the apps on your mobile devices, you can use the pause and watch later feature and many more. This should always rank first among the Free Movies Streaming Sites you can watch legally.


  1. It is completely free, no payment required
  2. Registration is very easy, you can create a new account easily or connect using your Facebook account.
  3. You can connect to Crackle on connected TVs, mobile devices, set-top boxes, video game consoles and online at
  4. Crackle does not really have a location restriction.

The major disadvantage is that it is an ad-supported platform, which is not bad considering the fact that they are supporting the platform with ads.


tubitv movie streaming site

This is a free movie streaming site for tv shows and movies, it is supported by ads. It has a good relationship with some of the top production companies like Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. You can stream movies from your Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation and the web.

TubiTV is completely free, you do not need to pay to stream movies on it. It has over 30 genres and categories of interest, which includes your favorite tv series as long has it was produced by one of the TubiTV partners. TubiTV can be accessed in most countries via the web platform or through Google Play Store App. Other devices are supported in the US, Canada, and the UK. This site rivals many Free Movies Streaming Sites you can watch online.

Tubi Features

– Watch the biggest stars, movies and TV shows, completely free
– Discover amazing international hits and hidden gems
– Browse unique categories, including our “Not on Netflix” section
– Create and manage your own personal video queue
– Pick up watching where you left off
– Explore fresh anime, Korean dramas, telenovelas, reality shows and more
– Check out new videos added every week
– Sync your account between online devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, and Amazon
– Cast to your TV with Chromecast and Airplay
– Stream on the web at


Veoh Movie streaming

Veoh is a foremost online movie streaming company that provides a wide range of online-based entertainment. They have something for the whole family to enjoy, from documentaries to musicals and classic movies. Veoh allows the user to search and stream major studio content, independent production, and user-generated material. Registering on Veoh is free.

It also allows you to share your own content and share with friends. It is a very popular free video streaming site in Japan, with lots of Anime video content. The site also has a lot of international video content.

Its major advantage is that is free and does not need registering with a credit card. It can be accessed globally without any major restriction. It is considered one of the best Free Movies Streaming Sites you can watch legally.

The major disadvantage is that you may not see recent movies on the site, mostly user-generated contents and classic movies. Though, they have some surprises here and there.


Viewster video streaming

Viewster features a great and solid collection of movies in different genres, it is one of the sites that allow you to stream videos for free. It has some of the most interesting TV shows, Anime, Drama, Action, and more. The movies are available for free streaming on the platform. You do not need to register before streaming the video, though there are advantages when you register an account on Viewster which is free anyway.

Celebrities and YouTube stars have their own channels, Gamer, it has some of the best international movies especially great production you probably have not heard of. Watch free TV series streamed live on your computer or app.

Viewster is a free and legal video on demand platform that lets you choose from thousands of original international series, films and documentaries. You’ll find great content from cult to classic, Japanese anime, British or Korean drama to Swedish crime. It’s a collection to make any film geek jump and it’s all available via streaming on your computer, smart TV, and the Viewster app on tablets and smart phones  –

The major drawback with Viewster, which may not be an issue for movie geek is that Major Movie Title and Series are not available. They actually serve a specific market need for great movies that are not blockbusters yet.


Popcornflix movie streaming

PopcornFlix is a free movie streaming site that does not need user account registration before watching any of the movies on the site. It offers full-length movies, though supported by ads to generate revenue to keep the service alive. It is owned by Screen Media Ventures and has a lot of genres on it, they are always adding new content and movies.

You can stream movies on the PopcornFlix App on Android and iOS, this does not require registration as well. This site is actually good for movie lovers, series addicts, classical’s, students studying movie related courses. And also the international audience who can access hundreds of Original cinematography. The site is constantly improving and you may find several new improvements and movies to your delight. And no doubt on the list of Free Movies Streaming Sites.


cinemanow free movie streaming site

This is a streaming site that provides access to live TV channels with over 45,000 complimentary movies. It also has a record button to record live TV shows. The site is free for all users, but it has some premium features that are subscription based. You can view movies, music and other live programs for on CinemaNow. Access to some channels may be restricted due to the GeoLocation viewing rights, this means a provider has the exclusive license to view that particular channel within your geographical area.

To make streaming live TV channels easier it is better to use the record button if you may want to watch the movie or show later. The site has a TV guide to help you navigate and select programs to watch and upcoming programs. You can also select your time zone to get an accurate viewing time.

The advantage of CinemaNow is that you have access to multiple TV channels, you can record shows online and so much more.

The major disadvantage of CinemaNow is that you do not have control on the movie showing, and your preference might not be available for days.

Snag Films

snag films video streaming

If you love documentaries, Arts, Sports, Climate Change, Human Right, and Political Movies. Snag Films is the place to stream movies in this category for free. The site also features award-winning movies and films, it also has shows and independent movie submitted by producers. It is free and supports with ads, most of the site visitors are from the US, UK, Canada, India, and Australia. This makes it one of the Free Movies Streaming Sites you can watch legally

The site has a number of old classics from 1954, such as The fast and the furious. One particular classic movie I found interesting was from 1921 by Legendary actor Charlie Chaplin titled ‘The Kid’ this movie marks the first that Chaplin wrote and directed himself? It is also regarded as the first-ever comedy-drama.

Video Streaming Sites with a Free One Month Trial

Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Videos for free streaming

Probably the most popular movie streaming site, they offer movie and TV series streaming. You can also download the movies for offline viewing if you have one of the latest Amazon Kindle devices. Amazon Prime comes with 30 days free trial period, you will not be charged until the second month. You are free to cancel your trial anytime within the 30 days free trial period.

To stream movies on Amazon Prime Videos, create an Amazon Account or Login with an existing Amazon account details. Visit the Amazon Prime Videos to activate the service. You will need to input your card details, after concluding the activation service. Access to the Amazon Prime Videos will be granted. There are many genres of movies on the site, Amazon also has some exclusive movie production on the site as well.
Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now


  1. Low data usage, especially with the Amazon Kindle
  2. Unlimited download during the month of activation
  3. You can cancel at any time, it easy.
  4. It is one of the Free Movies Streaming Sites you can watch legally
  5. Easy movie management
  6. The monthly subscription is less than the cost of renting a DVD
  7. Introductory pricing of $2.99 for the first 6 months.
  8. Twitch Prime Membership is present for free

The major disadvantage is that it is not available in most countries, though people bypass the restriction using proxy IP address or service.

Home Box Ofice – HBO

HBO free movie streaming

If you have seen movies and TV series like Game of Thrones, Harry Porter, Logan, King Arthur, Role Model then you are watching Original movies by HBO. HBO GO is a free streaming service for those who subscribe to HBO through a TV provider. This is tricky right, what about access to streaming online or on the web platform. HBO has something for everyone, it has a large catalog of genres.

Watch everything from TV series, Movies, Standup Comedies, Boxing, Kids program, and documentaries on HBO platform. Why is HBO free if you have to watch movies for free via a cable service? They provide a One-month free service on the web, you do not need a cable service to watch the movies or TV series.

Join HBO Free Trial

And this is not a glitch, you can watch past episodes of TV series on the HBO site without sign in, may be available only in selected countries. See past episodes of Game of Thrones and other series, stream online without registering an account.

HBO Now is a subscription-based service that provides unlimited streaming of full movies and tv shows. It does not contain ads and only available for the US audience. New subscribers can enjoy one month of free trial.

For most movies on HBO GO, you need to sign in with your TV Provider access to HBO GO.


Netflix video streaming free month

Netflix falls into the free movie streaming site category because of its free first-month movie offer. You can watch Ultra HD movies on the Netflix Premium Package for free during the first month of account activation. To register is free and you can cancel the free first-month offer anytime for it expires. Eligibility for a free trial may vary from region to region. Registration requires inputting your card details.

You have access to unlimited movies and tv shows on Netflix, and more important is that new movies are available on the site. It is available in most countries, From the US in North America to Brazil in the south, to Nigeria in Africa, and Germany in Europe, Austrailia, and Singapore in Asia.

The major advantage is that it shows latest movies, and provide on-demand service. It is also one of the Free Movies Streaming Sites you can watch legally.

Other Good Sources of Free Movie Streaming

  1. YouTube
  2. Pluto TV
  3. Hulu
  4. Top Documentary Films
  5. Yidio
  6. Showtime
  7. Acorn TV
  8. Starz

Do you know any Legal Free Movie Streaming Site that is not on the list let us know so that we can grow this list?

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