Best IDE and Code Editor for Angular JS, Angular 2, and Angular 4

Best IDE and Code Editor for Angular JS, Angular 2, and Angular 4

IDE for Angular 4 also known as angular version 4 can also be used for Angular JS and Angular 2. The best IDE or Code Editor to use depends on several factors. However, many swear by a particular IDE or Code Editor due to speed, less frequent crash, Features, Plugins, and hacks. This list will contain the preferred IDE’s and Code Editors for Angular in no particular order.

IDE is also known as Integrated Development Environment is an advanced tool for programming, writing programs can be done on simple notepads. However, it will be difficult to do so if you already used to either a code editor or IDE. There are certain factors that make an IDE or Code editor appealing. The first is the Linting tools, the autosuggestion, and autocomplete. The linting ability of IDE’s and code editors make it easy to catch errors on time. They also have autosuggestion and autocomplete to make code writing faster.

Most IDE’s can integrate with Git, you can enter a git command on your code editor or IDE and enjoy seamless integration and connection. Third party extension and plugins extend the power of the IDE’s which makes is scalable and customizable. The interface is also lovely and nice. Most IDE’s and Code Editor are free and they have auto-save features.

A few challenge common to IDE’s and Code editors is the frequent crashing due to bugs, errors, and memory. On memory, some IDE’s cannot open large files.

Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is developed by Microsoft, it supports typescript which angular 2 and 4 depends on. Also, famous Angular contributor and expert John Papa have an extension for Angular 2 and 4. This makes angular 2 and 4 coding very easy and fast with Visual Studio Code. It is very light and can open heavy files with bulging. It is open source, means it is free to download and use, it can run on any operating system.

Some of the features of Visual Studio Code include:

  1. Integration with GIT with git commands built-in
  2. Can be extended and customized
  3. It can be used to write programs and codes other than JavaScript and Angular
  4. Integrated Debugging tool on the editor
  5. Intellisense features for indenting, highlighting errors, autocomplete, and autosuggestion.

WebStorm by JetBrains

This is regarded as the smartest IDE designed specifically for JavaScript, it is one of the smartest editors out there. WebStorm is Angular JS, Angular 2, and Angular 4 friendly. For programmers WebStorm makes programming fun and easy, it is a very intelligent tool that knows your next move once a move that leads to a chain of event is created. Angular has a lot of dependency files, calls, and declarations. WebStorm knows them and autocompletes it on the fly.

It integrates with GIT, it has awesome unit testing features, this makes debugging and tracing easy. Tutorials done with WebStorm may rob learners of the procedures because it completes steps and also does important processes on the fly. It has a flaw which is been worked on, it is sometimes slow and may freeze. It is not free, though you can enjoy a limited 30 days trial.


  • Support for SASS
  • Hints and type info in Typescript
  • Lint features
  • Debugging and testing features
  • Customizable
  • Works with GIT and version control tools.

Angular IDE

The name already suggests that it is an IDE designed for Angular, it is built by Webclipse and regarded as one of the most powerful IDE for angular 2. It is also among the choice IDE’s on the official angular documentation site. The Angular IDE is specifically for Angular with TypeScript validation, advanced HTML coding, integrated usage of the angular-cli and all built optimized for developers to make the most of Angular.

Features of Angular IDE

  • Optimized for developers to make the most of Angular 2 & 4
  • TypeScript 2.x validation and debugging
  • Advanced coding of HTML templates with validation and auto-complete
  • Integrated usage of the angular-cli for Angular best practices
  • Completely free for light usage

It is not completely free, they have a personal and commercial license option. It is hard for me to say much about it because I have not used it yet. Best props for them come from the angular documentation page as per preferred IDE and Code Editor.

best angular ide


I love atom, it is very light and beautiful, it is a product suitable for writing Angular codes. Github built this as an open source project, it is a text editor that allows extensions, integration with Git and Git commands. It can be installed on any operating system, it has nice linting features and Typescript friendly. Though, Typescript has to be integrated through extension packages.

It has an opensource license, which means it is free to use and hack.


  • Cross-platform editing
  • Built-in package manager
  • Smart auto-completion
  • File system browser
  • Multiple panes
  • Find and replace

Other Angular IDE worth mentioning.

Sublime Text

This is one of the popular IDE’s, it is awesome an nice. It has extension package for angular, it supports customization and it is light. It is available for all operating systems, to enjoy its full features you need to get a license. Also available are debugging features, linting, autocomplete and Typescript support.






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