How to Uninstall System Apps Android With or Without Root

How to uninstall system apps android with and without root is something smartphone manufacturers do not want you to know. The Android OS has some apps that are pre-installed on some mobile devices, these apps have the uninstall features disabled.

Uninstalling the system app on android might be necessitated by the need to have more storage space or reduce clutter. Most people have to revert to system or device root a method that can change your phone configuration.

How to Uninstall System Apps Android or Without Root

Many users are bothered about uninstalling various unused or apps they found boring or bad or not useful to them or not performing to their desired expectation.

When manufacturers are installing android OS to your device at the factory manufacturing level they include different apps that might be useful and some not beneficial to you. The kind of apps you see that is pre installed or installed on your mobile or tablet at the time of purchase are said to be called system apps or pre- installed apps and this in so many times are not useful to users and can be disturbing.


Taking for instance you bought a small device  with little memory and the you have the OS and now the installed app you will notice the system now has a little internal memory to accommodate more apps with space and which will force us to be uninstalling and installing many apps just to accommodate new apps.

But no worries you are on to the right page seeking for solutions on how to get this pre-install or installed apps removed from your mobile phones or tablet. Most manufacturer always disable the uninstall options for most pre- install or default  install apps.


Options 1 : Disabling the apps for Non- Rooted Devices

Most Non rooted devices are impossible to delete the apps pre-install on it or installed on it. I can’t really say which phone has a hide function but if you are using the Android 4.4 KitKat (which i will recommend you should now start using to help protect against the stock browser bug).

You will click to open the ”app drawer” on your phone, you then click on the ”options” and then select the ”Hide applications” and then you select the apps you wish to hide and after then you click on ”Done” to finish.

Now we ve hidden the undesired apps we really don’t want on our device, but we also need to stop them from running on background.

Now let us do that now, You should go to Settings > Device > Applications manager or Apps. It will show all apps under three categories 1.) The Pre-loaded apps. Then you need to find the apps you want to remove. The select Force stop and the confirm it.

After then you click on disable( you wont be able to delete the app, but you can stop it running on your phone and you won’t be seeing it again until you perform factory reset. Although this isn’t a great solution though but it is the best option of app launcher replacement.

Options 2 : Removing system app (Software) for system app

NoBloat Free

This is a free app solution that removes pre-install apps and makes the backups too. Which is good because nobody wants to delete the wrong application and end up with the phone not functioning well or without features.

System App remover

System app remover is one of the top most reviewed app on the android platform. Not only does it work to uninstalled system apps but also app to SD card and also add from you SD card to phone is possible using this app.

When you uninstall using this app it creates a backup on the trash bin so in a situation you feel some any stability problem or malfunctioning, you can be able to install the same back from the Trash bin. This device has the capability of easily removing and also could install any new app from the Google play store.

It has the capability of removing multiple apps at the same time. It will not support rooted phones.

Root App Deleter

Root App Deleter will help you remove Apps from your device especially default installed. The app help you to manage your system apps and can even freeze apps that was pre-install by the your android device manufacturer. It is one of the best tool for managing your android devices. It can also disable the background services of Android which slows down the device general and internet performance.

For paid version 

For free version 

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