How to see who viewed your Facebook Profile

How to see who viewed your Facebook Profile is one feature missing in Facebook, with a lot of visitors viewing your profile and post. You will most likely want to know who views your profile, currently Facebook users only get feedback through likes, favorites, and comments.

The question is the most frequently asked question for the last couple of years now. People are eager to know who is spying on them or who is checking them out, or who is the anonymous lover or stalker. A lot of people has opt to google search for information about how to find out who actually viewed their Facebook page and some have the idea that regular visitors names will always appear in the search toolbar.

This has been an age-long Myth and some user still have hopes. Well the shortest answer to this question is NO according the Facebook you can’t have any information and no app can have access no matter how they might seem real or genuine their clam might be

How to see who viewed your Facebook Profile

Some have even paid some money to get this information, there are many apps been created by developers and claim to provide all sort of information needed from my profile. Some videos have gotten many likes and many of the acclaimed apps has gotten likes and even some pages but don’t be deceived there is no way you can determine who viewed your profile.

Well we have to be cautious of such claims and offers people are claiming and posting online and even the YouTube videos claiming to have to solution.

You have to know behind your mind there is no  way for any of these apps or methods to provide the information they promise of letting you know who viewed your Facebook page. What they can actually provide are :

  • They can provide you with software or apps that has nothing to offer or can even have malware that spreads to your network of friends on Facebook.
  • They claim someone has already used it and saw result and you can even see comments but don’t be deceived they are trying to spam you and even steal your data.

To go further to buttress this point, Facebook makes it so clear that no app that claims to give you information about who viewed your profile is a scam and should be reported immediately.

Don’t believe the initial Chat Friends List

Many have been spreading  rumors on the web claiming that Facebook has been finally exposed that you can view who viewed your profile on Facebook in the page source Initial Chat Friends List whereas the Facebook algorithm rank your relationship with your friends. The chat list using an internet algorithm. From recent researches carried out by different researchers and stakeholders it appears to take into account recent interactions with (in message, in chat) Well i want you to understand if you are reading this my post, finding the initial chat friends list to determine the friends that just viewed you is totally wrong and it does not work.

If you have mistakenly downloaded and installed the app on your gadget.

  • simply access your Facebook privacy settings > click on Apps and remove from the list by clicking the small X next to the apps name.
  • If you are lucky that the app you installed is not the one that is actually malware that has not spammed your friend. If it has spammed them then you need to offer them an  apology to that.

How to see who viewed your Facebook Profile

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