Facebook Login Welcome Homepage Facebook – Google New Look and Full view

Facebook login home page Google resolved, facebook.com login into the platform can be used on other sites, official fullsite, mobile and tablet devices. Facebook Login welcome homepage are often changed, Google Facebook Login full view and you will know this is sometimes due to the use of your mobile phone, or a test by Facebook at the time you attempt to login. There are times when you will encounter errors and also beware of phishing websites that fake the Facebook home page.

Facebook has one of the best user tested homepage, the welcome homepage is quite unique with a blue theme and easy sign-up and login section. At times they display ads after users sign out or in rare occasion before login. Also depending on your location you may see a different homepage. There are homepages strange to some users making them fear that they might have reached a wrong page.

Facebook FanPage Welcome Page

To access the Facebook FanPage you must be registered to create a FanPage, by the bottom left hand corner of you Facebook personal homepage, you will see create a page. Doing this will lead you to the welcome page for Facebook Fanpage creation. On the Login homepage below you can also see the create a page there too.

Facebook Login Welcome Homepage

To access Facebook use the following official link below.

Page Official Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/facebook

 Facebook login home page google

Beware of fake Facebook Login Welcome Homepage

The only official Facebook homepage is www.facebook.com.  Nothing more, any other site that looks like Facebook but does not have the url www.facebook.com is more or less a scam or phishing website. They are out to steal your login data.

It looks like Facebook homepage may not be Facebook. So check the link very well- you are advised.

Your mobile page might be optimized to show you the mobile homepage, if you use the Facebook app you might not see the homepage, even if you attempt to login with the mobile browser. Always check to ensure you are doing the right thing, if it is not by Facebook then it is not Facebook.

To view the full desktop or login site,check below the page and click on full view that will take care of the full view on mobile and tablets devices.

I can’t login to my Facebook homepage – Solution

If you have challenges login to your Facebook homepage, you might have been blocked by your Internet Service Provider – ISP or your office or home administrator has blacklisted Facebook on your network. If this is the case then you need to find a way to bye pass this protocol. More on this below.

If this is not the case, then you will need to clear you system cache, I usually advice if you have another Internet browser other than the one you are currently using to login in to Facebook, try login in with it. Firefox, chrome, opera, IE, Safari or Dolphin use any to try again. If that does not work, locate your history and clear at least one day.

To bye pass the admin block, use kproxy.com or proxify.com to bypass admin block.

If none works, see a support expert.

If there is any other thing you need to know about Facebook Login Welcome Homepage of Facebook, we would be happy to update this post to provide you with answers kindly ask your questions or contribution using the comment box below. Facebook login home page Google resolved for instant access and mobile and tablet desktop full site versions.

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  1. Martie Johns

    I don’t know if this is where I tell you about my problem but, here goes . Most of the language on my page is some foreign language and I have tried everything to get it off. I t has been this way for about three months. please help me!

    1. Wone

      Hi Martins,

      You need to check the language settings, and if you follow people who are from Asia and some part of Europe. You will see on your timeline foreign language posts if foreigners follow you, or you have purchased followers and fans.


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