Download Pokemon Go APK for Android

Pokemon Go APK is one the most downloaded game at the moment. It has gained so much popularity in the past weeks and everyone is waiting to have it downloaded and installed on their devices and to start playing it. There are a lot of games available on Google Play store and iOS App store but Pokemon Go is gaining a lot of popularity in recent weeks. Download Pokemon Go APK for Android now to enjoy the best of Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is an existing reality game that differentiate the real world and your virtual world. You will need to keep navigating around the world to catch more Pokemon. Pokemon Go got released in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the United States and has now be moving to some part of the continents as it increase their operations.

If you are living in an uncovered region and you want to play and enjoy this awesome game then you are on the right page has i put you through on Pokemon Go APK.

Download Pokemon Go APK for Android

Pokemon Go is now gaining alot of popularity among the kids and everyone has watched them on tv and now it is now available has a game for Android and iOS users. The game was earlier released and available to limited countries but later it was extended to some countries but there are incompatibility issues that has really prevented users from installing the game on their Android or iOS devices.

If you are not a game type of person or a fan of Pokemon, but the real life experience  that the Pokemon Go game brings make it worth trying and experiencing.

The company plans to launch in countries like India but was suspended due to the high expectation demand so they need time to add more servers so it will be a smooth process. But why wait for the release date if you are in a countries like Canada, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines etc that is not officially launched by Pokemon Go you can access to download the APK file of Pokemon Go from here.

Pokemon Go APK

You can download the game for free and it also increase some in-app purchases which help speed up the game. You must have a minimum of 2GB RAM and Android 4.4 to be able to play Pokemon GO. And presently the game does not support device that run on Intel Atom processors and note the game is still in the initial stages and they are trying to fix some of the bugs.

When you initially begin to play the game you will have to select your Pokemon among the Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander and you will have to train it so has to become the Pokemon Master. The game will capture your location and will use it to match it up with other nearby players with your places. The more you play this game, the more you fall in love with it. It is addictive, the game graphics and UI are real top -notch. You ll definitely need a high end device to enjoy a smooth playing time and might be hanging or lagging in a big low- end devices.

Features of Pokemon GO Apk

Game version: Pokemon GO

Version: 0.35.0

File size: 60.71MB

Previous version: Pokemon Go 0.33.0 APK

Download here:

Features of Pokemon Apk

The game is going to have like 151 Pokemons, the real ones will be introduced when you start the game

There are Gyms that are around you where you can go and earn more rewards by fighting with others.

Ability to trade Pokemons with other users

You are exchange your Pokemons that is of no use to you and you hand it over with the president and you are rewards afterwards

It is the very first reality that combine reality and virtual world

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